Assad is getting away with it

Assad is getting away with it. He has masterfully diverted attention to the Turkish border and now to Lebanon, taking the focus off his kidnappings, torturings and murder back home.The new mediator is lost in space. Problem being of course is that I have no faith in the opposition. Enormous pity for the innocents being killed, but the Syrians are a violent, bigoted, Jew hating lot no matter which side of the fence they habitate. Talking about mediating a peace when what needs to happen is for a foreign airforce to flatten Assads airforce and Republican Guard and heavy artillery and armour, thus levelling the playing field for their civil war.


Assads latest smokescreen in Beirut

Then those violent lunatic anti-semites¬†can bash away at each other for as long as they like. We can have a belt of car and suicide bombings stretching from Damascus to Islamabad, attacks on women, street warfare, abductions, you name it, as the Muslims demonstrate their peculiar form of holiness and spirituality and focus on higher matters, especially of the explosive kind. JUst what is it with them? All this honour crap, unearned, and the minute it is “Offended” innocent people are blown to smithereens in markets and Mosques and funerals and weddings. Indiscriminate killing is considered a virtue.
BUt then MOhammed was first and foremost a warrior and conqueror. He was not a Ghandi.
Anyway I was deviating from the point, which is that Assad is laughing these days, knowing that he is getting away with it. For now.

©Howard Gamble

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