Blue blue my world is blue

BLue on Blue has now become blue on green. BLue on BLue has always been the term for killed by own fire, but now it has been subtly changed to blue on green in Afghnaistan, with the Afhand inj blue and the NATO troops in green, indicating posibly that the twain do not reallt meet.
Now this coloumn has for over a year predicted or rather stated that America lost the war in Afghan the minute they put boots on the ground. NO mighty armies, from the British through the Rusians to the Americans have ever beaten the Afghans.Short of a nuclear genocide it is not possible.
The blue on green incidents that are on the rise, where Afghans shoot their American and Britsh counterparts in the back indicates massive Taliban infiltration into the hodgepodge Afghan forces. LOyalty their is not, simply a slow burning fuse and hatred that is just waiting for the infidel to get the hell out before they onece again take over the country, despite Hilary Barack stating the opposite. IN fact they resemble very closely JImmy the peanut Farmers statement that the Shah of Iran represented a stable regime and friend of America for many years to come. WE all know what happened a few moths later. The shah fled on his solid golden toilet at the back of his plane, the students overran the American Embassy and it was only on the eve of REagans election that they were set free.
Americans simply do not, cannot and are unable to understand the mentality of anythibody except themselves, and even there they are severely limited. They never seen to learn a lesson. All the counterinsurgency lessons lessons learnt in Vietnam have been entirely forgotten. Hearts and MInds? Forget it, rathe arseholes to the wall.
The sooner they get out and let those warlike tribes loose on each other once again, just like in Iraq the minute they left, the better.
The Great pretence and LIe is that America is fightimng its wars abroad instead of at home. BUt there again they have got it wrong. An extimated 60% of American troops returning home will have developed PTSD, and that fight the country is totally unprepared for.
George.W. Bush, if anything, demontrated the techincal might of America, a good leson for the heathen, but beyond that, nothing at all. Just a stream of once brave men returning in body bags, swelling the cemetaries of the war dead, and God knows America has enought of those.

©Howard Gamble

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