Drop the Caricature and get Ready for War

With all its need to connect terrorist activity to specific networks, the security apparati of the West fail to realise that Muslims streaming out of Mosques on FRidays after hearing inflammatory speeches from the local MUllah and then go out to vent their frustrations on the infrastructure of their own communities, have no connection at all to anything nefarious and clandestine. They are simply a bunch of over-excited yobs on the rampage. An anti-Mohammed film will help make it even worse, but there you have it. My attendence at Friday prayers at the local Mosque in Islamabad made it quite clear to me that the mob was guided by whatever was said by the main honcho, and more often than not it was a message of peace. All the anti-MOhammed caricatures and films produced in the West with the intent to incite are abominations serving no purpose except that of irrational violence. One needs to legislate against these Koran burners and respect the religious foundations of a people. I have never ONCE in my thousands of talks with Muslims heard anything but reverent praise for Jesus Christ, a prophet held in high esteem in the MUslim world.
What they have problems with are Christians misinterpreting the word. And VIce-Versa- Claiming MOhammed to be a man of peace is bollocks. He was a warrior and a man of the Jihad. It is on this level the radicals ought to be taken seriously. They want war and war is what we should give them, in overdoses. Let us make films of him as a mighty warrior leading legions in the battle against the infidel instead. Let the apple fall close to the tree.
The only people who understand this are the Jews of Israel. They know how dangerous the enemy is and how silly it is to make caractures of the prophet. They simply prepare to meet the legions of Islam with the only thing those legions understand – War on a massive scale. A Mllenium of history has taught the lesson. Let us follow it. IT seems as thought the only two leaders who understand this are Netanyahu and Achmejinedad – the Americans are playing election games, as always.

©Howard Gamble

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