Obama’s pontificating again

US President Barack Obama has urged global leaders to rally against extremism in an address to the UN General Assembly in New York. Golly Gee Whizz, Barack. Well said.
Confession time, justifying the Peace Prize. But then when I read on I realised he was talking about other countries, not the pristine and pure USA and her foreign policy.
He did not mention Abu Ghraib, the undisclosed CIA torture pictures and programs,the pardoning of American CIA torturers and murders, Guantanamo Bay, the invasion of Iraq and slaughter of hundreds of thousands, the invasion of Afghanistan, Vietnam, Grenada., Panama. No he was talking about the death of a single American Diplomat, murdered by a small gang of thugs.

The Pardoner of the CIA Murderers at the UN. Check out the raised eyebrows. A sign of re-election?

He went on to say that the USA would not allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons, which was a bit of a sideline needing refeshment after all the focus on Syria, a situation which closely resembles the American Civil War. On that one I am with him all the way, if of course he means it.
O well, for a brief moment I was confused enough to think that a New Age had dawned, with Supercop minding its own business. At home that is, with half the population poverty stricken and the remainder refusing to pay tax, but still having enough to send a little jeep to Mars to poke at rocks. But no, it was the usual pontificating Barack, raised eyebrow and all, telling everyone else to shape up – or else!

©Howard Gamble

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