Abu Hamza’s up shit creek

Abu Hamza is not a happy man. AS lomng as he and his ilk are in liberal Europe they can plan all sorts of horrors and say all amnner of objectionable thing about anything and eveything, especially Christians and Muslims. But even Europeans get it up the gullet occasionally as they have with Abu Hamza, so they set the ball rolling and have managed to get the courts to extradite him and his gang to the USA, the country they despise the most. Now Abu Hamsa is not a happy man because when he gets to the states, they take seditious talk like his very seriously and once they get his hands on him he will be on the inside og the pen for the remainder of his days, in the midst of a hostile prison population. American cons love America and are getting ready to give him one up the arse while the guards turn their backs, which is standard methology across the pond. So he has appealed for the last time. Shit, I mean even the Queen, that nice old lady with the corgis thought he ought to be sent to the clink and she seldom involves herself in anything except dogs and horses and flowers and green silk costumes.
So Abu, I can assure you that all your vile hatred for us is going to boubnce right off the back of those American cops. They are really looking forward to getting their hands on you.

©Howard Gamble

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