Shoving it up Ahmejinidads arse

Obama is learning his military vocabulary, no doubt with a bit of coaching for the JOint Chiefs. Quote:¬† A nuclear-armed Iran “is not a challenge that can be contained”.Contained in military jargom means a situation that can be controlled.That is to say that one either has to accept a new and growing nuclear power in the MIddle East or the will to bomb the holy shit out of the program as quickly as possible. Romney is giving him stick along with many others and he is sitting up and taking notice six week before the election. Romney and Bibi get along just fine, whereas Barack and Bibi have a somewhat strained relationship.SO barack is telling the UNited Nations what is about to happen. Bibi does not carewhat the fuck he says because he will do it himself if he has to without American help, just like when Israel took out Saddam Husseins Osirak reactor and Reagan, when told the news, replied with, “O shucks, boys will be boys.” A little more complicated this time, but flying incredibly complicated, co-ordinated sorties has come a long way since Osirak. So all you guys and gals out there who have been waiting for someone to shove it all up Ahmejinidads arse may not have all that long to wait.

©Howard Gamble

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