To Care or Not to Care

Afghanistan is banning all Pakistan newspapers on the grounds that they back the Taliban.
FRom my time in Pakistan where I read the rags on a daily basis I had eneormous trouble understanding the English – the best example was one reporter stating that when he entered the building he found ammunition and logistics scattered all overthe floor and ceiling along with body parts. Another point is that most of the Taliban cannot read, but are read to, which is a viable point. Unless the local leader makes up precisely what he wants them to hear, which is not unknown. Jolly times ahead for the two countries when the infidel pull out.
I often experiences clashes and outright battles between the two as being conducted in  high spirits Рlike having fun. Regarding war as fun in the region is no new phenomena. They like it, coupled to the view of death shared by all one can understand it.
I recall especially the bar-keeper at the UN club for infidels in Islamabad. The SriLanka Team had just been attacked in Lahore on the way to a game and Australia, whowere about to tour the country cancelled the whole shebang. The bar-keeper simplycould not believe the logic behind the Australian decision. “Do they not know that when Allah decides that they are to die they will die? How can they avoid it by cancelling a tour”
I quite came to admire the attitudes after a while when comparing them with the constant fear for attack eminating from the foreign community surrounded by theirguards and security systems.
To care or not to care seemed to be the two alternatives,

©Howard Gamble

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