Blue on Green

The Blue on Green attacks in Afghanistan, in other words those by Afghans in their own security force uniforms which are blue, that have now killed 51 allied troops who are the ones in green, have been described by Mr. Panetta, as last-gasp affairs. I would call them the first deep breath before the real shit hits the fan. The so-called surge troops, the 30.000 troops sent by Obama to get the Taliban under control have now gone home to mama and the 65000 left are stretched and looking forward to doing the same.
The Taliban are grinning from ear to ear. A generation of new young fighters has grown up and they have learnt tactics of an advanced nature. They have gained enormous battle experience and what America called containing them and driving them back is a load of bollocks. They simply changed their strategy when the surge arrived, so when attacked in one area, departed to another, and AFghnaistan is BIG I tell you. And the AFghans know every stone in the place. The American Chief of Staff see the matter differently from the politician Panetta (God only knows why Obama has him running around sprouting nonsense). They see the danger of the increasing attacks, have reduced joint patrols, (where the greaseballs are shooting Americans in the back), and are watching each others backs as the Taliban, in uniform or not, crawl out of the woodwork in anticipation of their great day when the majority of foreign troops are on the green green grass of home and demonstrate that America has lost yet another war at enormous expence.

Would you buy a used AK47 from this man?

It will take time, becuase America HAS left in place an apparatus that will take time to break down and will certainly have an airbourne and airforce presense around for some time, but Nebuchadnezzar has seen the writing on the wall and is simply clothing his words in complex phrases to stave off time. NO stone-Age nation can suddenly emerge to join the democracies after a decade of warfare. The traditions run as deep as the valleys, the mentality is as complex as the caves they occupy and their courage is beyond belief.
One feels sorry for the women and the girls in the long run. After experiencing relative freedom for a long time as well as eduction, they will be reverting to the role ofcaged donkeys again in the not-too-distant-future.

©Howard Gamble

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