Alex Fergusen and Liverpool – a symbiosis

Alex Fergusen was the Great Enemy of liverpool and the two clubs shared a rivalry that was equallled by few other clubs if any. Their meetings are glorious and they have over the years as the massive influx of Russian and Chinese and Arab money is poured into the coffers of one-time mediocritites, LIverpool and United have strangely come closer toghether. They remember the days with the hard games and local lads making up much of the team and the glory they vied for. There were no others.

say no more

Fergusen is now 70 and at the end of the most glorious career in English football management and he speaks more and more of the closeness of Lverpool and United. They have somehow bonded, and even though the Chelseas and cities like Newcastle and others are being overrun by money, they all have to take visits to the trophe rooms of these two clubs to see what they have yet to achieve and the incredibly long time it it’s going to take to get there, if ever. They remain the little boys of the League despite their brash new money and will remain so for a long time to come.
One of the two greatest games of the season bar none is being played this week-end. Liverpool vs. United. It has the sound of poetry, battle, honour, glory, magnificence about With the greatest manager in Englisg football pitched against an Irish Novice. And of course I want United to lose, but not as fanatically as before.
Fergie, you’re OK in my book for all your praise of Liverpool. For knowing that without them United loose most of their their own glory.Bless you in your dotage. Enjoy the wine.

WE do not live singular lives, but mutiple lives and are inextricably bound up with each other.

©Howard Gamble

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