Handshakes no longer just say hello

While at least 50 wars are ongoing, the news from the fair isle that occupy that once-mighty nation is whether Evra the Manchester United Player is going to shake the hand of the Uruguan maestro Suarez, the Liverpool forward. Tension mounts a playday approaches and the bookies are doing odds on it all. The background for this world historical event is that Suarez, new to the English league, irritated Evra by calling him Nigrita, not once but several times. Nigrita of course referring to the fact that Evra is black. Surprisingly enough Evra thought this to be yet another example of racial abuse. Suarez was shocked when he was charged for what is quite normal behaviour in South America. Calling a spade a spade.

Evra was possibly wise when he thought but did not utter the thought, ‘you simple-minded neanderthal, may your balls fall off.’ However, the big moment is soon to arrive and all England waits with bated breath. Perhaps they will become bosom mates. At school as part of my initiation I remember well the fight that was arranged to humiliate me. Unfortunately I came from a mining town and had grown up using my fists to establish identity, so Lawrence ended up bloodied and humiliated. We nevertheless became bosom mates. Lets hope the same happens with the Uruguan Peasant and the Black Evra

©Howard Gamble

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