Wake up Mr. Henry and hire me. You could do worst.

Wake up Mr. Henry and hire me. You could do worst and need a breath of fresh wind. I’ll Work for board and lodging and a pint on Fridays.

Before this season started Liverpool needed two new strikers to compliment Carroll and Suarez, and what did the Wise Men do? The got tid of Carroll! Along with Kuyt.
Liverpool thus started the season in worse condition than when they started last and my God, are they going to pay for it! First off I trusted that Mr. Henry but now I have reverted to my general distrust of everything American. They think only in bucks and no number of open letters is going to confuse me.
I cannot recall when last I felt about my beloved club the way I do now. With Houllier perhaps, but even his team was better. Thje Great  Rafa was dismissed, Kenny was dismissed, and for what? A bloody Mick from Swansea with his cute little notebook.
and a shitload of teenagers.
There are two things that bare out my pessismism. No three; Lawro has no faith in us, the deadly silence from the crowd at Anfield after Arsenal slaughtered us, and the thousands of empty seats. Welcome to British football Mr. Henry. If anything is long term, British football is not. Its war, Mr. Enery, and one adapts to the circumstances of war, where the shit hits the fan from the first whistle.
By the way, Employ me. I know a great deal about this, have the dressing room with me, and have a thing or two to change.

©Howard Gamble

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