IN order to be cured our sickness must grow worse

WEll LIverpool are playimng Southampton this week-end. I fully expect them to lose, becuse in the words of T.S.Eliot, “IN order to be cured our sicknes must grow worse.”.
LIvepool need to be relegated to understand the seriousness of the half-measures the club has introduced in the name of long-term wisdom. The new American owners have entirely failed to understand that there is no fixed formula for success in English football. That players like Bellami, Cruyt and LOng Tall Sally were allowed to go has been a disaster for the club. The youngsters are playing their hearts out and doing well, but where is the officer corp? Gerrard is there, but approaching retirement. Carragher is benched.Disaaray I call it, as so often before. A cock-up. Ever see Fergie stoop to fixed formulas? Never.
Seldom, with my love for the club do I look forward to a long string of losses, but now I do. So let mr. Henry get that carrot out of his American arse, start building a stadium and start buying players over the age of 12.

©Howard Gamble

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