Murray the Eternal Clown

Now that Murray has at last won his first major perhaps he will cut out the grimacing, the slouch, the tripping over his own feet, the slipping, the grouch, the angusihed head aimed at heaven and all the rest that makes him such a pathetic player to watch.

Andy Murray in agony, again and again and again

Perhaps he will adopt the elegance and calm of a true master, like Federer and relieve us of his endless antics. And then again, he can spare us the endless commentary on why, when, how and all the rest of it. He has been a great pain in the arse to watch, worse than McEnroe, so let him now give us a break from the schoolboy lack of control. I wonder what school he attended? At MY school antics like that would have resulted in dismisal from the team.

©Howard Gamble

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