The Downfall and Demise of Liverpool Football Club

God knows that I love my LIverpool Football Club and that they are the basis of my very emotional life. ASk my friends, they will confirm it a thousandfold. But I am now becoming weary of all the bollocks associated with the club. This new MIck manager for example. With his little note book. Never liked those little note books. Presiding over the worst start to a season in 50 years. 1 point from three games and well into the relegation zone. And then the manager. Nice Mr. Henry and all seemed so positive when he took over. Then for a few paltry sums refused to replace urgently needed strikers. Most likely needed new basesballs for his baseball team on the other side of the pond.
And then finally this bullshit clause that one is only to buy younger players. The biggest load of bollocks I have ever heard of. Two or three seasoned, wise players in a squad, picked up for a pittance in the transfer market can make an enormous difference to the youngsters.
The deathly silence at the end of the Arsenal game, after being thrashed at home, and even worse, the thousands of empty seats place Liverpool firmly amongst the has-beens. I do not see them in the Championship yet, but I also see that getting tickets is going to be fairly easy for the home games unless some miracle occurs.

©Howard Gamble

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