Revolution and evolution and all that crap

I popped into my doctor today. An old, wise man who has seen as much as can be seen and formed his opinions thereon.We discussed the Syrian and Libyan conditions and he posed the question, “Does it really matter who is in charge there?” thereby hitting the veritable nail on the head.
No dear Doctor, it does not. It does not matter as much as horse dung who eventually is in charge in those violent nations. Let no one fool themselves that the “People of Syria” are seeking freedom. The people of Syria are so tightly bound up¬†in their dogmas and hatreds that freedom is something they will never experience. The opposition is now taking time off to attack Christain Churches and the hatred of the Jew is alive and well and thriving. I am by no means advocating stepping aside and letting them rip each others throats out, as their are women and children, especially children being slaughtered, but let us not be all excited about an eventual victory for the opposition. Let us dread it.

©Howard Gamble

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