To Shave or not to Shave – the Shaving of Major Hasan

AS you all should know, a certain Major Hassan went bonkers at Fort Hood and initiated a massacre at the recruitment center. He did not want to be posted to Afghan so went on a shooting spree, killing 13 and seriously wounding dozens more. He was shot by police during the event and is paralysed from the waist down. He now refuses to shave, claiming that it is his religious duty to grow a beard. As he is to face trial for multiple murder in a military court he has to shave. American militry rule that one. No beards in court. He refuses to shave so is to be forcibly shaved.  As with everything in the military in the US there is a strict protocol to follow when it comes to forced shaving:

Major Hasan Before, shaved

A team of five(5) military police officers must restrain “with the reasonable force necessary”.  It must be done with electric clippers and must be filmed. In addition, a medical official must be on hand in case of injuries.Those of you, almost none I assume, who have read the hundreds of files on CIA torture, the methods and the rules applying thereto are familiar with this type of bollocks.

Major Hasan After, with Beard

Maj Hasan was paralysed from the chest down after being shot by police during the incident at Fort Hood, so five (5) officers to restrain him may be a bit on the rough side.

Its a pity that the restraining and forcible torture and waterboarding and murder that went on recently in the US military, and was filmed cannot be released to the public. Obama considers the American public too sensitive for that sort of thing, but the shaving of Major Hassan may well become a popular release. Unless of course the release of the footage would incite and infuriate Muslims the world over and expose Americans everywhere to even more danger than they already are in. In fact the forced shaving of Major Hassan may well be placed on a par with Koran burning and the like and incite a new world wide intifadah against the infidel.For the seriously religious the fact that an electric shaver is used may be the anathema to beat all anathemas and produce a radical sideline intifadah all of it very on.You never know. Anything to keep the American people in a continual state of fear.
Suggested background viewing for this article is American Forces TV that is shown daily to yes, the American forces and diplomatic corp. One would imagine that the film was actually made by Goebbels and the Gestapo and dubbed into English for fun.
The TV programs do a wonderful job in making Americans suspicious of everyone, including their best friends, so do be careful who you sit next to on the Paris Metro, especially if they have beards. And avoid crowds wherever you are. And get on that plane before everyone else. And make sure that your wife is really your wife and not a look-alike agent.

Why on earth the American MIlitary does not simply get on with the trial of this murderer but allows ridiculous proceedure to make a mockery of it all is an open question. Several reasons are mentioned above,

©Howard Gamble

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