Obama the plaguerist – I Had a Dream

Well Obama has certainly done his homework. First he brings in BIll Clinton to explain his policies as both he and Hilary do not, they (the policies) being the work of a committee, where he has only learnt the punch-lines. The clever schoolboy who has learnt to recite the basics of the Master Plan, which is Socialism, in a a way that will not make anyone even think the word, cause it still stinks on that side of the pond. Americans, completely under the spell of the mighty greenback, have never been able to distinguish between socialism and communism.

The Master-Slave Relationship

BIll is the only President since Ike who actually understood his policies, and how to conceal them, so Obama’s intelligence is restricted to the punch-lines, which is fine, because that’s all Americans are interested in.  In fact that’s all they are capable of. That’s why they ended up hating Bill. Not because of the girl he did not have sex with, but because of his soaring political intelligence, almost a Cicero re-incarnated. Thats why they voted for Bush, because the yee-hah, lets go get them damn commies is far more politically attractive, as was the Colloseum in Roman times.

But back to little Obama, in his closing speech, as a friend in Moscow pointed out to me…….

………”but it was noticeable that a portion of his convention speech (the closing part?) duplicated not only the sense of the closing of ML King, Jr.’s famous speech on the Lincoln Memorial, but even some of his precise gestures.
will only us ole fogies notice??”

Again, Obama outrageously plaguerising, knowing that only the older and some younger Blacks will notice, and keeping up his study of the performing arts which is the part of his Presidency that he does rather well. He is trying to ressurect the hope and the dream from four years ago, that swept him to power. The only problem being that his dream has turned into a bloody nightmare, where the hope is reduced to finding or keeping a job, both difficult acts.  He’s hoping that not everyone will notice that either.

Sometimes politics gets downright spooky

Thank you for that one Peter.

©Howard Gamble

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