Everlasting love on the election campaign

Mchelle Obama stated on National Television that she loves Hubby more than four years ago.That means he’s in deep shit. Americans generally confuse love with affection or sexual attraction and thus consider it subject to change. It is not, as any parent knows. And Shakespeare. Remember him?

“Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds
Nor bends with the remover to remove
O no it is an ever fixed mark that looks on Tempests
And is never shaken………………………………”

I gave all to one who professed to love and did not. And it broke me. I know, as WB.Yeats knows, but will not decend into poetry in public.

William BUtler Yeats, who also burnet his arse thinking love eith all was permanent

I have friends who have endured through the direst of circumstances and remained solid and true to the evry ends of the earth. Seen Love in practice and in its most superficial forms.

So when Barack is grey and full of years and nodding by the fire
and takes down that book and slowly reads of love lost amidst the stars, will he call one of them Michelle or is he one hell of a lucky guy?

©Howard Gamble

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