Bill securing Hilaries Job at the Democratic National Convention

“If you want a ‘you’re on your own, winner take all society’ you should support
the Republican ticket,” he said. “If you want a country of shared opportunities
and shared responsibilities – a ‘we’re all in it together’ society – you should
vote for Barack Obama and Joe Biden.”

Hilary and Obama listening to BIlls endorsement


Now that quote by Bill Clinton, the brightest mind produced on the American political scene ever, puts it all into a nutshell. It may also spell the downfall in this first political attempt at socialism, albeit modified to make it digestibale by Americans who have been brought up to place themselves and their money before all else so help me God. The Clintons are not popular in America, so Bright Bill may have alienated more people than he enthused by endorsing young Obama. Going up against The mighty dollar and the inbred idea that anybody can make anything of himself does not bode well. Americans, once they are established and have enough moohlah piled up, do Charity. Not before. All their NGO’s are based on that fact. Charity abroad with huge salaries for themselves while they are helping the poor sods of the undeveloped world. At home They feed the poor now and again (On triple big macs and soda) and otherwise ignore them. There are after all, 50.000.000 of them to feed, so its quite a task. And then we must remember how the “One Percent” protest faded quickly into oblivion. On the basis of America being the land of the Dollar, Mitt is the man, no matter what, except for those babes. Michelle may just do it and swing the vote in Obamas favour, but not based on any political programme, but on sure gut feeling, the only guide to American Presidential Elections. That’s why theres so much shit in the world. Only about 5% of the American population are qualified via their intelligence and grasp of political affairs to vote. Hee hah!

©Howard Gamble

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