Desmond Tutu with an interesting suggestion

Desmond Tutu has recently suggested that George.W.Bush and Tony Blair are put on trial for waging illegal war. Just like the Nazi’s were at Nuremberg. Concocting a cloud of lies about Weapons of mass destruction and all and then invading Iraq.

Tutu the Magnificent

He also points out that whereas war criminals from the Balkans and Africa are hunted down and put on trial it never happens to figures from the Mighty West. They are all immune from retribution. He unfortunately fails to mention the misdeads of the now deceased Saddam but has clearly decribed the consequences of upsetting the balance of power in a region where balance is everything. The Iranian and Syrian situation are a direct result of Western intervention into a region which they never should put boots on the ground but rather rain unholy fire from above when necessary.

But the archbishop is consistent in his condemnation of all who become naughty boys. From the ANC regime, which he compares with the Apartheid men of old, to Robert Mugabe, an erstwhile friend, and now olf George W. himself. George W. has declined to answer, which is the usual American reaction to any accusations, but Tony has put up a defence that actually makes a bit of sense, if one bothers to read about it that is.

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