Billions of new Black Holes cornered

always suspected that their was something spectacular hiding behind all that dust in the comsos and now I have neen proven right. Scientists using the latest whizz-bang technology called WISE that co-operated with the dust to allow it to have a peep behind has found billions of enormous black holes.

All those purple spots are really humungously large Black holes, and as you can see, well-corned and under control.

But if any of you are worried about all these Black Holes, don’t.

We’ve got the black holes cornered,” said Daniel Stern of Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), lead author of one of the three studies presented on Wednesday

Exactly how he had got these Black holes cornered is yet to be explained. Neither is it explained eactly what they are being cornered with,but lets just accept it, because cornered they are And as far as Daniel Stern is concerned, those Black Holes are going to stay cornered, wherever and however that may be.

©Howard Gamble

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