Liverpool between Scylla and Charybdis

well a little bit more about football while the mood id sup, just for a break from politics, althought the difference is very hard to tell may times.
BBC headlines today “Manchester UNited SHOCKED by Fellaini winner”. That’s like Hilary telling us that waterboarding did not take place. Anyone who saw the game, saw both the brilliance of Fellaini as well as the dominance of a brillaint Everton team, who could, but for the antics of De Goa, the United Keeper, have walked away after having thrashed United.
The problem is that Fergusen, God bless him, is getting old, and imagines that the title belongs to him personally. So does much of the fottball press. Not an uncommon psychological phenomena. He refuses to see that his team were outplayed in every phase of the game, except for a brief period in the second half.
Now United losing is for me almost better than Liverpool losing, so I have tasted the bitter with the sweet this week-end, but am left with serious doughts about the quality and the management of my team. Their performance against WBS reminded me of their time Under Houllier, I saw only one player of quality on the field, Suarez, and a Pepe Reina who is possibly approaching the end of his career. Carol’s cavorting the last ten minutes should possibly have been for all 90 bu there you go.
Liverpool are up shit creek while their rivals seem to be playing on a different level. They have fired a manager who is superior to the replacement, for starters, and all for thr wrong reasons, and Mr. Henry does not seem prepares to cash out on new players, but rather scour the second-rate market for the drop outs. Here follows silent expletives that would have done my father, a master curser, proud.


©Howard Gamble

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