Liverpool thrashed by West Brom

Well the King has been exposed as wearing no clothing. Rodgers rues ” a bad day at the office” whereas itas a bloody football pitch were on about here. All dear Brendens talk about ball possession and what not and how much he learned from the Great Mourino was washed away by the 0-3 defeat at the hands of lowly West Brom. The team looked like they were playing for Hodgeson (shivers up and down the bloody spine) with Suarez the only player of real quality on the field. I actually recognized Gerrard on the field but it took some time looking for him. Given, the referee ought to be retired sooner than later, but West Brom would have won anyway. I suppose King Kenny is smiling in his sorrow and Mr. Henry is having sharp words with his advisors. To call this team an improvement on what King Kenny acheived is ridiculous.

We are now in the relegation zone again, and with the likes of City and the other big guns coming up soon it is not difficult, horror of horrors, to see Liverpool adorning the bottom spot, with a long, long way to go to survival, again, and again, and again. As Ian Rush said, he’s been waiting since 1990.

What a miserable performance by a lacklustre team and a manager with a face carved in stone. It will take some mighty fine football, perhaps victory over City,  from my beloved team to resurrect my respect for the management, but right now I’m thinking that self-rightious American with a deeply imbedded fear for the N-word combined with a Mick with only moderate results to show, is a recipe for disaster.


©Howard Gamble

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