That Old N-Word Thing Again

So thirty Black Mine Workers have been masacred by Black policemen in South Africa. The event is desribed as “30 die in clashes”.

As Black as Black can be, with rifles aimed at Blacks

OK, so lets get down to the nitty gritty of the semantics employed.
In the time of Apartheid, for those who remember such an age, an event where 30 mine workers were killed by the police, who at the time whould have been white, would have unleashed headlines across the world something like this “30 black mine workers demanding their rights murdered by brutal Apartheid police forces” Ambassadors would have been shuffled, called home, replaced and protest marches would have erupted in European cities.
This time round the “Clashes” have not produced anything more than an extremely angry mining work force, who, if they try their luck once again will be again be shot by the police. The ANC may even lose a few votes and the Mine Workers Union, an ANC affiliate, will make a lot of incomprehensible noise. In the cities of Europe not a single protest will take place and the diplomatic corps will remain completely unruffled. AS they have been during the last decade while 3000 white farmers have been murdered by Black bandits. In most cases the police, all black, have conducted cursory examinations and let the files gather dust. On one occasion when a black farm worker was killed by his employer, several whites were killed in retribution, nazi style, and the cases were not even investigated.
And yet,in good old Europe, when one footballer who is white calls another footballer who is black “Nigrita”, he is suspended for 8 games and his manager is fired at the end of the season for supporting him.
IN America one can call a Black a Black but not a Negro. Only Blacks can call Blacks Negroes. Only Blacks can behave like dyed-in-the-wool racists without being accused of being racist. Only whites and Jews can be racists. Lets just leave it at that, as introducing the Arab-Jewish question into this will expand it beyond the parameters set for this little piece in the first place.
I often, when meeting pinko-liberals, refer to the occasion a great many years ago when a naive young blonde, beautiful and incredibly stupid Swedish Bimbo masquerading as a reporter, blinked her eyelashes and asked Jesse Jackson, the Black American Pastor who was visiting Sweden, what it was like being in a country where no one was a racist.His answer floored her completely. he said “Honey, everyone is a racist, and until you realise that, there is nothing to be done about it.” They generally get angry. The pinkos that is. While not having a single Black, Latino or any other racial type tinged by the tar-brush in their social circles, the claim purity for their white selves. One would almost imagine that they were Black.

©Howard Gamble

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