The Best Laid Plans are Bound to Go Awry

Some blogger has popped up with a bit of inside stuff concerning the upcoming Israeli and American attack on Iran.

To Quote: “The purported leaked Israeli memo suggests that the military operation would begin with a massive cyber-attack against Iran’s infrastructure, followed by a barrage of ballistic missiles launched at its nuclear facilities.

Oops! They are not bombs they are missiles

Military command-and-control systems, research and development facilities, and the homes of senior figures in nuclear and missile development would also be targeted.

Only then would manned aircraft be sent in to attack “a short-list of those targets which require further assault”.

The Iranian Missile Threat, mostly to each other

Now that sounds very sweet and simple and at this point I step up and recall the rule number one in any military action, the holy grail of military strategy, the big honcho of a military planning, and it goes something like this. All the best laid plans go to hell once the first shot is fired. ESpecially with big ops. The smaller the op the more likely it is to succeed, and believe me, taking out the Iranian NUclear Effort along with its infrastructure is BIG. It is HUMUNGOUSLy LARGE AND BLOATED and will definitely not go according to plan, no matter how much one would like it to.

Iran makes a big point out of its advanced and varyfied missile system, but it has not taken into condieration that what the Israelis and the USA have forgotten, they have yet to learn, so so much for that bit.

The Cyber thing I leave to others to comment on. I have never understood that nebulous work of the devil.BUt I’m sure it does work. Taking out command structures I understand and causing chaos in interdepartemental communications too, not to mention the sudden absence of electricity and sudden silence of cellphones and battlefield laptops. Whacking the Revolutionary Guards is also a deed much to be desired, and fomenting an uprising by the younger generation spot on.

But simple it is not, because it involves not only the Israelis and the USA and Iran. It involves the entire Middle East ans Beyond. It reaches to the Great wall of China and the Urals. Only Norway thinks its safe from the fallout, but we will be thinking about fashion shows and football and income tax rates, so it does not matter. Our armed forces are so backward and outdated that we visit them in museums on week-ends.

But at least the subject is being discussed again after those terrible
Olympic Games.

©Howard Gamble, 16.08.2012

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