Everything is inside out

Well, now we have news from sunny South Africa that the police have fired on Mine Workers and killed a whole bunch of them. Now had this happended 30 yers ago the entire world would have been up in arms with all the liberal pinkos out in force on the streets condemning the event and the Prime Ministers of the World indignant about it all. Nasty bloody white apartheid racists!

Black on Black

But the difference this time is that it was Black policemen firing on the workers and not being too careful where they aimed. So not a stir from anywhere in the world. Just goes to prove my point that only Whites are considered racists. Blacks are not racists, neither are Russians, Ukrainians, Arabs, Chinese, Japanese and so forth and so on. South Africa has one of the most corrupt (Black) regimes in the world and a police force (Black) rotten to the core with corruption and replete with secret hit-sqads. Anyone feel like a demonstration in Trafalgar Square? Bloody Black Racist Bastards and all that?

©Howard Gamble

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