Vanilla Fudge

Given the intelligence of the average top footballer one is not surprised. Not surprised at all. Right now its all about colour and a thing called twitter. Colour is the actual colour of the football player and twitter is their chat box thingy whereby they illuminate the universe with their lofty thougts. As we all Know by now, John Terry, the Chelsea player has been convicted for racist comments. He most likely called another player (A black one, he is white) a chocolate ice-cream. Very daring in these days of political correctness. But the brother of another chocolate player, he too chocolate in colour, turned up in John Terry’s defence. Whereby the irked brother twitted that the one who had turned up in John Terry’s defence was “Choco ice”. Now in football parlance, that means black on the outside but white inside. In other words, a racial slur. Now he too has been charged for improper racist conduct. I imagine entire new code words will have to be developed to get the message across in the future – Strawberry cream, vanilla ice, Mellow Yellow, Black magic and so on and so on. Lets hope its not too taxing for those players whose IQ’s are already limited and unable to add more words to their already limited vocabularies.

©Howard Gamble
31st july 2012

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