Mitt, I’m your Man!

I like Romney more and more. First off, he tells the Brits to pull their golden fingers out of their rectums and get their act together and pisses them off no end, then he goes to Israel, pats old Bibi on the back and says that they both see absolutely eye-to-eye on the Iranian nuclear issue. Then he goes right ahead and says that culture is why the Palestinians are inferior to the Israelis. Spot on. Thats exactly what it is.
Anybody who has been to Jerusalem and walked through the friendly, clean Jewish quarter and then entered the filthy, hostile, broken down and disgusting Palestinian quarter will know what one means. And its not for lack of money. More wealth has been poured into Palestinian coffers than Midas could have counted in a lifetime, but it has not benefited anyone except the leadership. Corrupt, immoral, greedy little murderers they are who could not give a shit about their own people. Keeping their people in squalor while teaching little children how to hate and how to kill the Jew. That’s why Hamas and Hizbollah and doing so well. They are building from the ground up.
Anyway Matt, I have already offered to work for Sarah, who decided not to run, belatedly and half-heartedly for Obama because I know how socialist states work, and now I have taken a definite liking to you. Employ me and you simply won’t look back. I know the Middle East and the undying hatred of the Jews amongst the Arabs better than most, and how to deal with it. I am also a past master at pissing off Brits. Hire me as a dollar a year man.

Howard Gamble, 31st July 2010

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