Nero Fiddles while Rome Burns

You know, this Assad situation in Syria has really gotten to my goat and that piece of murdering is only part of it. Peaceful demonstrations met by hard metal jackets from day one, his own citizens described as western-inspired bandits and so forth and so on until open civil war is now declared. The UN the Arab League, and every diplomat that can walk and talk has told the bastard to step down, except Putin and the Chinee and Ahmajenindad, and he seems to be hell bent on his own private genocide and armageddon. BUt what really gets to me is the flaccid, farting, smug Western politicians and Arab League arse pickers who are toothless as far as stopping the murder goes with their endless waffling and shuffling. A NATO air umbrella got rid of Ghaddafi in no time at all just as it would do with Assad with a little help from the american task forces in the gulf despite all his bravado talk of WOMD’s and what not if attacked from abroad.
And in the middle of all this the British are hopsting the Olympic Games. This is like the Berlin OLympics all over again, albeit in mini format with a few twists and turns here and there – all hell just waiting to break loose once that final ceremony is concluded.
MItt Romney appeared to be quite right when he criticized the brits for not getting their act together, and now he is in Israel sildling up to his buddies and talking the real talk which Europe has been side-stepping at every opportunity. More the pity he may just not be elected although that is a can of worms.
I find it almost impossible to concentrate on sporting events when the world is on the verge of another vast, destructive war. Nero fiddling while Rome burns and all that.
Who the hell cares hwo jumps further and higher and rides fastest when thousands of women, children and young men are being slaughtered. The OLympic Games should have been cancelled, for they in no way reflect the brotherhood of mankind, simply that inflated egos of the individual atheletes and the thuggery of nationalism.

©Howard Gamble
29th july 2012

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