The Opium of the Masses

WEll the Syrians are coming down like wolves on the sheep of Aleppo, having first surrounded the city and the West Is crying “Bloodbath, Bloodbath” without even bothering to defy those Russians and Chinese and send in the artillery, thus taking their heads out of their arses and standing up to be counted.Otherwise The Gyppo President and his Hamas counterpart are meeting, all smiles to discuss the smuggling routes and other logistics for arming Gaza in the eternal battle against the infidel Jews, not to mention the PLO who does not like it one little bit. Iran continues, along with Russia and China, to supply Assad with hardware,not to mention nuclear bits and pieces, even though his days are now definitely numbered, what with almost daily defections from the inner court. Iraq continues to blow itself up and Pakistan is milking the last dollars from America after a glorious decade where the army chiefs and top politicians have scooped up billions of American tax dollars.
And while this is happening, the democraticed and docile West, clucks away and is now fully absorbed in the LOndon Olympic Games and fish and chips. Once that is over and the Northern Winter sets in I suppose it will be time for fun and games again.
The Israelis and the Americans will be holding their joint Naval exercises, all the Patriot missile shieldd against Syria and Iran will be in place and perhaps the showdown in the desert will finally take place. But that will coincide with the American Presidential elections, where the Mormon is currently getting a lot of stick from the Brits, but that could be to his benefit.
Otherwise Scandinavia is drenched in rain after a truly horrible summer and waiting for the early autumn and whatever it has to hold. The Breivik sentencing after the summer recess is about as hot as it will get. SO cheers for now.

©Howard Gamble
28th july 2012

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