Shades of Srebrenica on the Syrian Horison

So as the syrian army surrounds the city of Aleppo and the resistance stockpliles weapons for what appears to be a major assault, the Western powers sit on theirarses doing nothing.
When an identical situtation was underway in Libya, the self-rightious Western Leaders sent in the cavalry and lamed Ghadaffi, thus allowing the uprising to suceed.They called it a humanitarian exercise, despite the widespread barbarity.Now these Leaders of nations have their heads up their arses, afraid of irking Russia and China, and using a rhetoric that is the exact opposite of that applied in Libya.
As the people of Aleppo, the most populous city in Syria prepare for an assult which will result in a bloodbath of proportions, Cameron and Hilary and co will be playing twidliwinks while Kofi Annan drones on and on with his standard formalae while drawing a nice salary.
The situation is so sickening that I will simply stop here and rush off to thetoilet to puke.

©Howard Gamble
27th july 2012

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