A Few thoughts about politicians

You know, some things about politics and politicans are deeply disturbing. Well, almost all things about them are deeply disturbing, but this chain of thought was kicked off by a statement made by one of Mitt Romneys team on his visit to the United Kingdom. He stated that Romney was proud of the Anglo-Saxon relationship between the two nations, and that Obama distanced himself from this special relationship. The intimation being that Obama is Black and Romney a white Anglo Saxon. Does it get more petty than that? Indeed it does.For example, the next President of the most powerful country on earth will most likely be the one who generates enough money for his advertising campaign, which goes a long way to explaining the American Psyche and its appaling grasp of history and disastrous attention span.My experience is that all politicans are Black Holes in need of constant adulation and attention. The only exception I ever had the pleasure of meeting was Nelson Mandela. As humble and forgiving as the day is long and once his span as President, where de Klerk actually ran the show for him, he retired. Unlike almost every other African politician who considers their presidency as a life-tenure.And there too it is all about money. The average African dictator, like his Arab counterpart is filthy rich, having channelled the resources of the state into his own coffers while leaving the populace destitute, uneductated and dependent on largesse. Now one would argue that its not quite like that in America. No? Is not every member of the Senate a millionaire? Is that not in fact a pre-requisite for becoming a senator?
But all this is slightly beside the point. The point is what do these exalted individuals achieve in the promotion of brotherhood on earth and peace to all mankind and all that crap.Nothing. What they do is the opposite. They form alliances that are at each others throats and promote war on a technological scale that mankind has not witnessed before.The rhetoric always runs counter to action and deed, making them the greatest and most exclusive collection of lying sons-of-bitches on the planet.In fact whenever one reads a statement by a politicain the wheels in the mind go to work figuring out the motives behind that particular smokescreen. I suppose that’s the allure of writing about politics and international relations. Its a puzzle. Wikileaks is therefore an incredibly important phenomena, despite the fact that much of what is released is not hard-core, but simply embrassing for those involved. Like Sarkozy telling Obama that he hates Netanyahu. Kids in the play pen in other words. As though liking each other is part of the job.
And then of course the interesting knee-jerk reaction to the leaks by the Americans. They seem to think that being embaressed is a threat to the security of their nation.Hitler did as well by the way.So they persue those that embarressed them with a view to hanging them.
Anyone who has ever been to Dubai or Jakarta or Islamabad or Delhi or Rio or a hundred other cities will see the vast difference beteen the haves and the have-nots, to degrees that will shock and remove all optimism for the eventual fate of mankind. All of it politician generated. And then we have Scandinavia, which is another story entirely.Unless your’e an immigrant who refuses to abide by the rule that when in Rome one must do as the Romans do, which of course contradicts everything I have written above. What to do?

©Howard Gamble
26th july 2012

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