Defections as a part of long term strategy in cloud cuckoo land

Well I told you so many times but only some of you were listening. Its been going on for a very long time despite the fact that the press has been keeping it all undercover as best they can. From day one the Taliban have been infiltrating the American created Police and armed forces, biding their time and sending out volumes of classified infor to their buddies.
Yesterday and event occured that it was impossible to Ignore. A high ranking Police officer, along with twelve of his officers and a number of other low-lifes, took off with two armoured humvees, heavy machine guns, Rpg’s, loads of ammo and explosives and defected to their buddies. A great boost for the Taliban. And as I mentioned before, it is the veritable tip of the iceberg.
One saw the same pattern in Iraq the minute the Coalition pulled out. The shit hit the fan the very day after and more people have been blown up, maimed and what-not than in Saddams hey-day. So much for winning a war. Unless of course the idea all along was to sow division amongst the enemy and have them whack each other for as long as possible. The good old divide and rule policy.
Problem being that the GUng-ho Butt-head clan need pep talks on a slightly lower level. They grunt a great deal and all information must be scaled down to deal with lean mean killing machines to whom complicated psychological strategy is anathema. So they have to be fed the line that the war has been won, only that those damn ass Talibani’s will never realise it. That works in many cases, but for the shakers and movers, American Foreign Policy is in total turmoil, with the George W.Bush initiative and the Barack Obama follow on a disaster greater than the Vietnam fiasco.
BUt one thing one has learnt since Korea is that America does not learn from its mistakes. It has such a mighty force at its disposal that it considers itself invincible. It can take a decade of war and call it a skirmish, or an adjustment of the front line, and then go right ahead and start a whole new cock-up. The fun and games have only just started, because Iran is the real problem and they may have left that one a little too late.And do they care? No. From their position of total power they rather enjoy waging war. No nation does it as well and as often than they do. When a confused student kills 12 and critically wounds another 56 in a cinema, it is aslo considered one of the things one has to put up with  because gun laws are there to protect even more of that happening. Gun sales in Colorado have increased after the shooting. Figure that one out if you can.

©Howard Gamble
25th july 2012

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