The Taliban’s Revenge 1

The MoD said there was no evidence to suggest the forces had a greater problem
with domestic violence than the civilian community. They eaither have their heads up one collective arse or are so ensconced in a world that lives out its collective lives within clubland ,most likely both, that it is a mystery why the Ministry has not experienced a total cleasing of the stables, replacing old fogies stinking of gin and tonics with recently demobilized veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This is where it starts

To train a soldier to exercise extreme violence in situations where split second decision making is required, and expose him/her to high threat levels with imminent danger looming constantly so that the period from waking to sleeping is timed in microseconds, and providing them with an arsenal of weapons with which to exercise extreme force over a long period of time, with one tour of duty fllowing another, creates a highly dangerous human being when the time comes to hang up the dog-tags. That is when the real battle begins, the battle with oneself, the battle with alcohol and with drugs, with anything to reduce the horrors of recollection and create order in a chaotic deeply disturbed and often suicidal soul.

And this is what is needed more than anything

And then one reads the load of bollocks issued by the nobs in the MoD. But there is little incentive to change in that dinosaur organisation when Nob1, David Cameron, is a prime example of one protected from the world since childhood, free to develop his idiotic weltaanschaaung. And if the MoD is right inasmuch as veterans have as little propensity for domestic violence than six-pack Joe, then Merrie England is in dire straits. For what its worth I speak as one who knows, afflicted as I am myself with PTSD, recently returned from incarceration is a Phychiatric Hospital, and having lived with a beloved father who suffered it all his life after his war with Hitler.

PTSD and all its attendent horrors for both those suffering from it and those close to it is what I call the the Talibans true revenge. The nations who have participated in that Lunacy will be battling a new war on the home front for decades to come with a youth returning home to a world where the concept normal no longer exists. They do not even have the consolation of having fought “The Good War” as Studs Terkel named it, fighting unimaginable evil. NO matter how the politicians clothe it all the returning soldiers know better than anyone the fultility of that in which they were engaged.

As to the illustration above, There is not a morning I wake up not wanting a soft body to hug, and then weeping to find myself alone, but the irony is that living with us is almost impossible. We drive away those who love us to protect them from ourselves.

©Howard Gamble
24th july 2012


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