Sleeze, bullshit and the Patriot Act

I can definitely state that I do not engage in phone hacking to get scoops or whatever they are called nowadays to earn pundits and elbow my way up the journalistic pyramid to those dizzy heights where I am considered important because my rag, by publishing filth before everyone else sells more to a public that wallows in gossip and filth. King or queen of the shit pile I call it. Imagine sinking so low as to open others mail, listen in on their telephone calls, read their private e-mails in order to expose something or other. Why don’t we just leave that to the FBI and the CIA and Mossad and The KGB. They actually enjoy wallowing in filth and mayhem and torture and murder, in order to keep us safe from the ever-present enemy that wishes to do our society harm.
Heads are starting to roll in Merrie England and Australia because of their listening in on the private telephone calls of little girls who have been abused and what not. A terrible amount og low-grade sculduggery has been going on that is contributing to the demise of the written word. And it goes all the way up the the PM as far as I have been able to make out. A kind of amatuer Wikileaks.
So I have decided, while everyone is trying to get behind the scenes and REVEAL what is hidden, to simply go ahead and say what I think about things which often co-incides with the pulp press. Which just goes to show. Problem being of course that I can get whisked away and waterboarded before I know whats happening without even knowing why, and the more I proclaim my innocence the more they waterboard me. Being a journalist is just not what it used to be. Those heady days in Soweto when Nelson was on the election campaign with a private ANC bodyguard to protect me from teenagers wanting to necklace white little old me. Those days when a journalist pass was respected and the holder protected. Days long gone. Now everyone is gunning for the freelancers and targeting the provisional newsrooms. News has become dangerous.
The Patriot Act makes that quite clear. Anything you write after working a few details out all by yourself, for example that Obama and Hilary are idiots while a campaign is underway to present him as a foreign policy genius, while at the same time trying to show innocuously that Mitt Romney, a cleaner than clean Mormon, is a cheat because he’s rich. For working that rather simple thing out you risk hearing that knock on the door. Paranoia is the first stage carefully calculated into the Patriot Act. Make EVERYTHING suspect. NOTHING is without an underlying wish to harm the interests of the nation. Just try mention the word fertilizer and a thousand computers immediately pinpoint you and scan your bank accounts for the past decade.
So far the gung ho, flag waving, yee hah morons are having a field day, well protected by the Patriot Act. Endorsed no less by a Nobel Laureate who simply loves his fleet of killer drones.
And it looks like he may just get re-elected unless someone can come up with a genuine Kenyan birth sertificate.

©Howard Gamble
24th july 2012

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