Breivik is after all insane. God help him.

Breivik is in the process of being declared insane. The first two shrinks who examined him declare him so, whereas dozens of other witness declare him quite sane, just like any Nazi, Syrian or Ukranian son-of-a bitch. Was Lt Calley at Mai Lai declared insane?  No way. Was Hermann Goering?  No way. Was Rudolf Høess ?  NICHT !
But spoilt little mamma’s boy, o yeah.  I allow Norwegians to perpetutuate the lie they have nurtured since the occupation and the collaboration. Well, since the Viking Age. Were all those plunderers insane?  Those murdering marauders with a predilection for cutting out the lungs of priests, from behind with axes (In a butterfly) and slowly watching them expire….

The Norwegians will never give up their idea of a country best in the world for everyone where everone goes abpout being repsectable citizens. ITs only the lunatics that form SS divisions, collboarate with the Germans, form Quisling Governements (They shot him anyway)

AS for Breivik, his ghosts will haunt him to the point of suicide.

©Howard Gamble
22nd June 2012

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