Russia supplying Syria with airpower

With mighty Russia and China giving the regime unequivocal support as well as weapons, Syria so arrogantly bold now that it is targeting the UN delegration.
It seems to be thast along, protracted civil war is in the cards with the old Bloc alliances up against each other again. History does not change all that much does it?
The West is what the CHinese would call a wet paper tiger, willing to attack largely defenceless nations from the sky but blanching at going full out in any major conflict. The rhetoric makes me and any decent person puke. Sanctions? With Russian and Chinese

ON Route to Syria, with best wishes, Vlad.

support. Do’nt make me piss may pants laughing.

With the Army in Egypt now flexing its muscles and the Muslim Brotherhood on the backfoot, and new fighting breaking out in a destabilized and dangerous Libya, things have gone seriously wrong with the Arab Spring (how I hate to use that stupid term).
Israel is laughing its head off. Once again proving itself the only stable democracy in the region.

©Howard Gamble
21st June 2012

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