Pakistan the most corrupt country on earth next to Zimbabwe

Gilani, so lomg and thanyks for all the fish

Pakistan PM nominee arrest sought

A Pakistani judge orders the arrest of President Zardari’s preferred candidate for prime minister, Makhdoom Shahabuddin, a day after he was nominated.

A close buddy of gilani who has been deposed and who together feathered their foeign nest over the last six years, is now ordering his flight to Doha, whre he will have access to his foeign banks acounts. That Zardari has not yet fled back into exile is a miracle. Kiyani, Army Chief, is no doubt waiting for the final humiliation.
Pakistan from top to toe AMONGST THE ONE PERCENT is the most corrupt country in the world, thanks to,the BRITISH. Needed for its route to Afghanistan it is forgiven, but that scenario is quickly running to an end.
Zardari has his escape routes clear, but that is but the beginning of it. MY sympathies go to the drivers, the labourers, the farmers who eke out a pittance under the yoke of the pitiless tribal overlords. A geart uprising in Pakistan against the corrupt elite is what needs to be sanctioned, and I will be in the front line.

©Howard Gamble
21st June 2012

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