The Wayne Rooney Lunacy II, For Pete B(l)um

So the lad comes on, plays a medicore game and is lucky wih his nod as he often is. Carroll would have done better. But who is THE MAN? the driving force, inspiration and tactical genius behind Englands surprising advancement?

Steven Gerrard, Captain of England and dynamo driving England to posible glory.

Steven Gerrard, the English Captain and inspirational dynamo. LIverpool Captain as well of course and possibly the best midfielder ever to have lived. Rooney plays the giften dunch by comparison and he knows it. Rooney is the spoilt little shit at the feet of the Grandmaster.

Another thing. As things are going why not make Steven Gerrard Playing-manager and send old pointy nose back to mediocre teams where he belongs and appoint Redknapp Manager?

The bullshit he utters before and after games is chilling.

©Howard Gamble
20th June 2012

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