The Wayne Rooney Lunacy

If any player is going to be marked out of tonights game betwen England the the Ukraine its Rooney. Seldom in the hallways of football has so much hype been spun around a single player to the extent that he was included in a squad despite having a two-games ban against him. Not only that, but he now breaks into a team that has done admirably without him, denying space to players who have proved themselves.
In my uneducated opinion it is bound to go all wrong and the Ukraine will emerge victorious with Roy Hodgeson adorned with a lot of egg on his nose. He should never have bowed to the pressure of including Rooney in his squad. Anyway, this view is hopelessly tinted by my deep dislike for Manchester United and all who sail in her and to be quite honest, I have never supported England as a team. But that is beside the fact. A player has been given exceptional chances which he does not deserve to the dertriment of the team. That there are murmerings about his inclusion despiste his two-game ban is certain and if England lose tonight we will ceetainly hear about it. Football in England is all about club football and LIverpools opening game against WBA in August excites me more than does England in any final. Except this time howerver, when OUR Steven Gerrard is Captain. That has tilted the scales somewhat, but if anything goes wrong I will blame Rooney, no doubt about that.

©Howard Gamble
18th June 2012

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