A trip Down the Nile

So while the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt claims a 52%-48% victory after the army dissolves parliament and the opposition says they are sooo full of shit, the army goes even further and grabs all power into its own hands. The Generals will write the constitution, all power over the military will be taken from a civilian government and one will be exactly where one started when Mubarak was in power. All the power lies in the army.
What a most excellent thing. Those volatile Egyptians are a rowdy lot and if you give any party control over the army they will decide to conquer the world, starting with Israel.
So one is slowly finding a sensible solution to it all. Like in Pakistan. Let the Army, the only real organisation in the country run the show from behind the scenes while the politicians attack each other in parliament and elsewhere. Then the tourists will come back and the touts will be as pleased as punch. Watch your handbag!

©Howard Gamble
18th June 2012

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