A Fiery Instigating Murdering Maniac

You know, these days, while living in a surveillance society such has never existed before, when one reads that You Tube has removed a gazillion Videos that incite terorism, I start wondering exactly what are the criteria, where is that magic line that turns commentary into incitement?
Hilary Clinton and her Foreign Poilicy sucks. She and Obama with his drone toys needs to be indicted for murder! Treason? Incitement to terrorist acts? Geoge W. Bush was a really nice guy and I loved his policies. Treason?. Incitement to terrorism? You bet you arse it is.
So what are we political journalists left with? Having a go at the Muslim Spring? Incitement. Having a go at the English Bobby? Spot on.
David Cameron is an arsehole from Eton.


Eton need to be taken down stone by stone and all ex- Etonians need to burn their rowing oars, at least they who had them. Eton has produced more terrorists than any other institution on earth. Harrow comes a close second.
The Queen needs a job.
Arthur Scargill for Dictator!
O well, so much for my attempt at being branded a fiery terrorist instigator murdering maniac.

©Howard Gamble
18th June 2012

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