Andy MUrray talks too much

Now I will be one of those who eats his bio-dynamic tennis cap with a lovely sauce the day Andy MUrray proves himself to be one of the truly greats of tennis.
I feel pretty secure that he never will be despite anl the gabbing. After Roland Garros we heard that he has to work on his fitness. Now who the hell even thinks of going up against the likes of Nadal and Federer unless at the evry peak of ones fitness? The problem with Andy MUrray is that he talks to much. What with his coloUmn and all he spends just too much times on words.

Andy Mrray Talks too Much

He ought to internalize himself and transformm all the gab into tennis.Less garab more play is my solution. I’ll take the job anyday, even write your column for you. How about it. 20% commission on all your earnings? I’ll turn you into Bjorn Borg II. Icy, inacessible, unbeateable.

Howard Gamble
17th JUne 2010

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