Old droopy eyes has been fired

If Harry Redknapp has been sacked from Tottenham for sporstlig reasons them the world has bee turned upside down. I mean Kenny was a close call but Harry was as far as one gets from being sacked, which brings one to woder what exacly in those Halla of Power. Perhpas in a moment of ire he told the owner to shoe a bramble bush up his arse, or even worse, his wife. Perhaps they insisted on him having an eye-lid job and he told them to F-off.

I’m rather happt because he’sone hell of a manager and been a thorn in Liverpools side for ever. Not that many vacancies left right now, so maybe we’ll have a breather nexr season. WEll good luck to the old bastard, eveything of thre best, because the fortunes of Totttenham are now going to totter without him.


Howard Gamble

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