Civil War in Syria with a little hejp from its friends

Well Syria is ar Civil war with battles reging throughout the country and PUtin is supplying the Syrian with attack helicopters.
The line are drawn and those damned Chinese are going to have to put on theirmthinking caps because at some stage the West will bew so disgusted, that even the capitalists will withdraw the purchase of the products and they will go into an economic spiral that will throw them all the way back to Mao Tse Tung, not having any sweatshps anymore.
The intersting thing isthat Putin has ser his heart against any intervention in Suria and yet he himself is supplying the4m with assualt weaponry of immense power.
Time has come for the West to tell him to shove his finger up his arse and send in the stealth bombers, and the Apanches and the tomahawks and the fighterplains and the what nots.

PUtins gift to Adsad

Perhaps one may eventually be able to make friends with the Syrians by liberating them from the Assad TYrant, But I doubt it.

©Howard Gamble
12th June 2012

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