Todays Tricky Question

Today’s Tricky Question. Below we have the absoutely brilliant load of bollocks called the Kofi Annnan Peace plan. Those six points must certainly have taken some working on. So the question is, what is lacking from his plan? Here are the six points that shine with glorious intelligence.

1. Process led by Syrian parties working with international envoy. (Note the “Led by Syrian Parties” bit)

2. End to violence by all sides; army troops to stop using heavy weapons and withdraw to barracks.

3. Parties to allow humanitarian aid

4. Authorities to free detainees

5. Authorities to ensure freedom of movement for journalists

6. Authorities to allow peaceful demonstration.

summarily executed corpses

Answer: The immediate arrest of Assad and all his murdering fucking cohorts along with the rounding up of his gangs who roam the country doing his filthy work, like slitting the throats of children, especially the Shabiya. Thats the main answer, the subsidiary answer is simultaneously bombing his military into the stone ages. But Kofi Annan is so accustomed to the useless blatherings that occupy the United Nations that he is immune to reality.

©Howard Gamble
29th May 2012

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