Orgasms, dildos and the Pope

The internationally renowned artist Tracey Emin explains why she no longer has sex and instead wants to focus on love. Great stuff, so have I. I have, in the words of one whose name I forget, unchained myself from the gorilla. Marvelous expresssion.
Thrashing about and demonstrating ones sexual technique in order to produce an orgasm or multipål such and possibly a pathway to God for those who think in those terms no longer interests me. It is not as though it no longer interests me it is more like the possibility simply does not exist. It may be that I am a dedicated Shakespeare man and especially connected to his sonnet, love is not love etc., and also one who considers a vow a vow, but ever since I last had sex with the one I truly  loved and who did not share my point of view, I have refrained and delightfully so. The advances of the opposite sex, because I am a very attractive man, with depth and a brilliant mimnd, bounce off me like water off a duck. The very thought is repulsive. Those desires belong to a class closely related to orangutans for me right now. It’s like watching a greyback masturbating while eating a banana.

Have an orgasm with a coke

No offence to those couples who enjoy the intimacy of sex, but not rogering has its decided benefits. Sex has become a commodity and a means of expressing not only love but also hatred. The hundred one night stands with the studs and all that have become slightly less than an excellent dinner. Orgasms.Huge Glowing dildos and tiny thrbbing ones for the clitoris may as well relace the real thing. O my God. Spare me from them.I am starting to understand the Pope.

©Howard Gamble
29th May 2012

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