Peace in our Time

We are told that Kofi Annan has cancelled his breakfast and his hurrying to Damaskus as diplomacy gathers pace. Diplomacy gathers place. I deliberately wrote that twice. 15.000 slaughtered as diplomacy gathers place.

Diplomacy is gathering place as bodies of civilians (dubbed by Assad as “Criminals”) are being placed in mass graves. Now there may just be those amongst us who are of the opinion that the diplomats ought to be temporarily incracerated in padded cells, while an entirely different action gathers pace.

Diplomacy is gathering pace

That of fueling warplanes and drones, and arming them with missiles that can hit anything they please before sending them off to rid the world of that murdering tyrant and his gang.
A peaceful uprising against his rule has been shelled and machine-gunned in true nazi style, and slowly turned violent, being hi-jacked by fundamentalist Muslim radicals, while diplomacy gathers place.
One can undestand Hitler’s frustration at the diplomats of 1939, not to mention that of the German HIgh Command who were on the verge of ridding the world of Hitler as Chamberlain waved his “peace in our time” piece of toilet paper.
Assad is torturing and murdering his people, extremely pleased that the radicals are at long last are stepping up to oppose him with his own methods, thus justifying his them and him.

©Howard Gamble
28th May 2012

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