What fun and games we are soon to have amongst the Nazi’s

Allowing the Ukraine and POland to organise the European Championships in football in the hope that it will help them become better people is more or less the ridiculous resume behind the FIFA decision.
With the ancient, rampant, endemic anti-semitism in those two countries that is much like saying lets send the Israeli Team over to play the Ukraine in a friendly and then let them mingle with the Ukranian fans.

True Brothely Love on display in Poland

With referees given the power to stop games where they observe racist or antisemitic behavior off or on the field, I am wondering how many games will actually end up with a result. Those two countries, along with Russia, have such a sordid history of racism deeply embedded in their national psyches, that allowing anything beyond the Eurovision song contest to take place in either of them is about as far as one should go, and even then. One could almosty hope for a catastrophical outcome to demonstratew finally thr FIFA has shit for brains.

©Howard Gamble
28th May 2012

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