You can take a General out of the army but you can never take the Army out of a General

A Syrian General who changed sides some time ago, Allah bless him, held a seminar in Turkey. His suggestion was that the Western Powers use their massive air superiority to bomb the 100 security sites Assad has placed all over Syria. If they do this once or twice, he suggests, the survivers, like Nebuchadnezzar, will see the writing on the wall and the rats will start fleeing the sinking ship. Now that Assad seems to be going completely beserk, killing 80 civilians yesterday in Homs, it sounds like a pretty good idea, except that I would not place too much emphasis on the rats fleeing the ship but aim at more or less total obliteration. And hit his special forces at the same time, not to mention his airforce, his radar installations and what not, reducing the country to a militarily neanderthal regime. DEmocracy may just stand a chance then. The General is concerned about collateral damage amongst his former colleagues and most likely looking forward to an advanced position in a new Syrian dictatorship sans Assad. Once a general always a general I say. You can take a General out of the army but you can never take the army out of the General. Then they can concentrate again on trying to kill Jews, their main business in the region.

©Howard Gamble
26th May 2012

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